Win a VIP pass for Digital 1to1 Europe thanks to E-Commerce Network and Club Ecommerce.

The agendas are starting to fill up Digital 1to1 Europe is almost round the corner, the meeting place of the European ecommerce big players.


On this special occasion we launched, together with our friends from the E-Commerce Network, a special raffle of 5 VIP passes. No, we have not gone crazy. We know that sometimes scheduling agendas is complicated but a VIP pass always helps to grease the machinery. Don’t you think?

If you are reading this I don’t really think we need to tell you what the Digital 1to1 Europe is about, but if you want to know all  the details of the previous edition just follow this link.


But let’s get to the point. What does the VIP pass include?

  • Entrance to the summit (11th to 13th of June 2019)
  • Superior Travel Allowance (up to 250 euros)
  • Superior Suite in the hotel

As every year we love to prepare some surprises and this year’s one is so special that it’s getting really hard for us to keep the secret. This raffle is a great chance to come and discover it by yourself.

I want my VIP pass ¿How can I get it?

Winners will be announced on May the 15th –
Stay tuned!
There is something more!
We will also giveaway 15 Free Pass to join the Nextworking experience.


  • Write your name or the name of somebody who would love to get a free pass in the comments section
  • Be a Retailer/Brand/Ecommerce with more than 5 million € turnover online
  • Be a Digital Decision Maker ( Head of Digital – Head of eCommerce – Head of Online Marketing , …)

all the benefits this raffle can bring you.

It is not a secret that at the Digital 1to1 Europe networking opportunities appears  in the most unexpected moments. The solution you are looking for may be having a coffee by your side. The coffee break, the welcome cocktail, the dinner or just the corridor are a hive of new connections. You can discover here some examples.

We are aware that at this point of the post you already stopped reading to participate in the contest. Don’t worry, we forgive you.

But if you are one of those who like to finish a good reading we leave you here some big players that will be at La Mola this June:

Bauhaus, Carrefour, Galerie Lafayette, BHV, L’Oréal, Central de Reservas, Funidelia, Puig, Sonae, Renault, Zalando and many more!


Are you ready?

Share this post and you might be the winner of a VIP Pass for the Digital 1to1 Europe!


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