Digital 1to1 Love Stories: How Zacaris fell in love with Target2Sell

Spring is here and with her the Digital 1to1 love stories.

The Digital 1to1 is the perfect scenario for face to face digital love stories to emerge. It is true that in this digital age that we live many relationships arise and are consolidated in the digital world but here at ClubEcommerce we are romantics and we are firmly convinced that there is nothing like a 1to1 meeting to turn on the spark.

As in life itself you never know where love is waiting for you, where you will find that other half that complements you and that can open new possibilities to your business.

WARNING: Reading this crush can make you fall in love with one of the main characters or with the Digital 1to1 events

On this occasion we bring the beautiful story between Zacaris y Target2sell.


Introducing our main characters

The protagonists of this crush are Jordi Carulla, the CTO of Zacaris, and Victor Crequy, the country manager of Target2Sell.

You could say that the seducer was Victor but as we will see below we think it was love at first sight for both of them.


But, ¿when they felt in love?

It all started on March the 5th in Sitges.


«As many relationships begin … With a few drinks (at the welcome cocktail), via a friend in common.»


We are not going to name the go-between since they are mysterious people who never reveal their tricks. But it is true that he had a good eye! On this occasion he did not wait for the days to go by, in the same welcome cocktail he introduced Victor and Jordi who did not hesitate to schedule a 1to1 appointment.

This is the Digital 1to1, see, like and schedule a 1to1 appointment to enjoy 20 minutes alone to conquer your dance partner.


«The expected moment came two days later and there real love arose.»


So many editions and we are still excited with each new story.

As a good ecommerce Zacaris wanted to improve their conversion rate by improving the personalization of categories and Target2sell had a solution (among others) that was a perfect fit.

Our main characters continued in contact when returning to their offices. It was time to meet the respective teams and plan the next steps for love to triumph.

Like any good love story, they had to lay good basis but they have managed to overcome all the obstacles until the agreement has been closed. Only 3 weeks after knowing each other, Zacaris and Target2sell decided to give themselves an opportunity and keep moving forward together in the digital world.

After an easy integration and a very good start, they are ready to analyze the results and see if there is a happy ever after.


This story seems to go well, don’t you think? You only need to see the statements of our lovers:

«When we realized that everything matched, we jumped in the deep only 3 weeks after our first date.»

«We are very excited about this relationship and the future will tell us where it takes us.»


Has their story also got you?

We declare ourselves fans of this crush and we wish Zacaris and Target2sell huge success in this new adventure. We have no doubt that love will triumph and that this is only the beginning of a long term collaboration.

We would not like to finish this article without deeply thanking Jordi and Victor for their collaboration and for their wonderful responses.


Oh, and if you want to read the responses of the protagonists in detail do not miss the article in Marketing4ecommerce

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